| March/April 1962

4214-37th So., Seattle 8, Washington

Report of the 61 Western Washington Threshing Bee at Fort Steilacoom, sponsored by Western State Farm - Western Steam Fiends and Kiwanis Club of South Tacoma. Mr. Joe Tubbs, Chairman for the Steam Reunion.

7 a.m., Thresherman breakfast, served all day. 9 a.m., Threshing started. We had two separators, Case and John Deere and 3 large steam engines, a 50 Case, 22 Advance and 35 Minneapolis, the largest engine we ever had. 10 a.m., Model threshers started and ran all day.

12 Noon-Arrival of Gov. Rosellin, State of Washington by helicopter. 12:15 p.m. Gov. Rosellin presented coronation of Threshing Bee Princess and Daffodil Queen and all her princesses. 12:30p.m., Grand Parade, led by Grand Marshal Nolder and visiting dignitaries, steam engines, antique cars, sheriff posse, Lariettes Horse Club, Cable car from Frisco.

We had a good crowd and warm weather and everybody had a wonderful time. We are looking forward to next year's Threshing Bee. This sure would be a dull world without threshing Bees. I have learned more from 3 years of threshing Bees than 30 years of threshing.