| July/August 1969

Route 1, Box 117, Colville, Washington 99114

About the turn of the century, three brothers, Frank, Albert, and Hallie Ham who lived about three miles from us purchased a 28 inch Case separator which was run by horsepower. This machine was the only all steel separator near here for a lot of years. Eventually, I guess all manufacturing companies went to steel.

I am not sure whether I ever saw this machine in operation while it was run by horsepower as I only saw this type of threshing once and I was so young I don't remember whose machine it was.

About 1910 they added a self feeder and purchased a Case 25 HP steam engine to run it. They still used the drag stacker until 1912 when they added the wind stacker. I can remember this machine operating with the drag stacker on it.

Enclosed are four pictures of this machine which I hope will be of interest to you and your readers.

Picture number one is the horsepower rig taken about 1 miles south of Colville, Washington in the Colville Valley on the Hughson farm which adjoins the Ham brothers farm. The Hughson farm is still in the Hughson family and is farmed by the son of one of the Hughson men in picture number four. In picture number one the man standing on the separator with his hand on the weigher is Frank Ham who eventually became a very good friend of mine as he and my older brother went into the service station business together and I worked for them for several years. The man standing on the sweep is Albert Ham, who later became engineer and was one of the best steam men I have ever known. He taught me about all there was to know about the care and operation of a steam traction engine. Years later, this was to mean much to me as I worked on several good jobs operating engines, both stationary and traction.