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The detail on the finished machine is stunning.
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An obviously pleased David Dowler and his -scale 65 HP Case.

Scale engines don’t always get the attention they deserve,
and for the owners of scales, this is hard to understand,
especially in light of the skill and labor that goes into scale
construction. David P. Dowler, 249 Pine Street,
Corning, NY 14830, would like to see more scale engines, and he
sent in photos of his stunning scale Case to motivate other owners.
David writes:

For a city dweller with limited space and experience but
nevertheless fascinated for three decades with steam powered
machines the possibility of owning one of those mechanical marvels
of a century ago seemed likely to stay out of reach forever. Then
came a stroke of luck in the form of a brief few words: ‘Oh
yeah, a guy in Kansas makes nice -scale Case engines.’

A couple dozen phone calls, two years’ time, an exchange of
dollars and work-in-progress photos, and finally a really long,
2,800 mile round trip drive to Kansas put me in possession of a
-scale 65 HP Case traction engine. Built by Aaron Terning, it is a
machine of outstanding quality. Aaron’s skill and his
willingness to maintain a true dedication to American traditions of
craftsmanship and integrity has produced a machine I am truly proud
to own a work of art.

Aaron can be reached at 250 Road 12, Sedan, KS 67361,
(620) 346-2235.

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