| March/April 1963

  • Harold R. Bohman, Harry C. Murphy'
    Harold R. Bohman, receiving instructions from Harry C. Murphy, President of the Burlington Railroad.

  • Harold R. Bohman, Harry C. Murphy'

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On December 18, 1961, the City of Galesburg, Illinois, received from the Burlington railroad a steam locomotive No. 3006 donated by the Burlington and presented to the city by the President, Harry C. Murphy. Mr. Murphy commented that the passing of the steam locomotive has been with some regret. We are trying to keep some of these engines as long as possible.

In this connection he mentioned the appeal of the whistle and bell on a steam locomotive. The preservation of the locomotive makes it possible for children in the future to see what a steam locomotive looked like.

Mayor Cabeen in accepting the engine in behalf of the City told the gathering that the locomotive 'stands for more than a pile of scrap iron.' It serves as a memory of the past. As he completed his acceptance speech, the Mayor gave Mr. Murphy a gold key to the City in exchange for the locomotive.

Then the Galesburg high school band played an appropriate number, 'I've been working on the railroad.'

I was very happy to witness these ceremonies, and especially proud that my 12 year old grandson, Harold R. Bohman, was chosen to represent the youth of the city. He had the honor of cutting the ribbon at the foot of the steps leading to the locomotive cab. He was also presented a toy freight car and a railroad cap bearing the Burlington insignia, by Mr. Murphy.