A DEFENSE OF Advance Thresher Company

| November/December 1998

A reprint of an article that appeared in September/October 1956 IMA, written by Marcus Leonard of Salina, Kansas, reprinted at the request of James W. Russell, 125 E 600th Avenue, Oblong, Illinois 62449.

Much has been written, which confounded Advance Thresher Company with the M. Rumely Company organized by Dr. Rumely, the Rumely Products Company and the Advance-Rumely Company.

Advance Thresher Company was one of the most highly rated thresher companies, because Advance machinery was popular and the company had been under good management. Dr. Rumely, for those reasons, paid what was thought to be a prohibitive price for Advance Thresher Company.

Advance Thresher Company has been unknown to the business world, since December 22, 1911. The men who founded that company and the ones under whose management it prospered and grew to be one of the greatest thresher companies, have passed on, leaving but a few of the employees to defend the good name of the 'Grand Old Company.'

For reasons known only to the Maker of the universe, I have been permitted to remain and having been employed by Advance Thresher Company nine years, knowing that company as but few now living knew it, I have come to defend Advance Thresher Company against misstatements which have connected that company with the M. Rumely Company organized by Dr. Rumely and all other later Rumely companies.

In my defense, I have written about the 30-60 Oil Pull, because the development of that tractor, brought about the expansion of M. Rumely Company and about Dr. Rumely, who conceived the plan of expansion and successfully put it into operation.