| January/February 1956

Chillicothe, Missouri

This story was written by William L. Plowman of the Department of Business and Administration of the State of Missouri, Jefferson Building, Jefferson City, Missouri, and Suggested by Colonel Ross Diehl.

For the benefit of tourists, Elwood Allnutt combines a hobby with his business. He operates a motel (the Wind moor) at the edge of Chillicothe, on U. S. Highway 65. It has 10 units with air conditioning and television. Along with the motel he has a restaurant, service station and dance pavilion for visitors. But that's not all.

For years, Allnutt wanted to own a fire truck, a steam engine and other antique vehicles. In the past year, he has begun making his dream come true.

Now at the motel are an old threshing machine, steam traction engine, and fire truck. Next on Allnutt's acquisition list is an antique auto.

However, Allnutt's hobby is not a selfish one. As he puts it: 'A lot of kids today don't know what a steam engine and thresher look like. And they're like I was as a kid; I always wanted to get on a fire truck and crank the siren. So I'm getting the machines all cleaned and painted, and we let the kids play on them. On special days, we'll fire up the steam engine. Might be nice, too, for parades'.