| May/June 1959

219 Hubbard Street, Fort Myers, Florida

We had a nice little steam show of our own here at Fort Myers last week (dated Feb. 21, 1959). Mr. Joe Ross of Ross Construction Company put it on in the interest of keeping steam alive. He steamed up a boiler with two whistles on it and fans coupled up a dozen or more small engines to the header he set up with connections for any size tubing. Then as a background, there was a fifty-horse power Erie center crank clicking over slowly beside the boiler. Two engines were center crank, two were walking beam and many others of all descriptions. One of the walking beam engines came off a steamboat, the other was a baby with six inch flywheel.

With Mr. Blaker was Mr. C. C. Campbell of Tampa, Florida, and another friend of Blaker's whose name I cannot recall.