A Gaar-Scott Salesman Speaks

E.C. Foreman of Tacoma, Ohio, shares his experience with the Gaar-Scott Company.

| November/December 1951

Mr. E.C. Foreman of Tacoma, Ohio, was for many years the representative for Gaar Scott Company of Richmond, Indiana, has many interesting stories and tells some here.

The history still vivid to my memory and most interesting to me is that of threshing machinery. Especially the old steam traction engine, now remote and relegated to oblivion. A power I loved so well. I have seen the greater part of its development and the vast use of its wonderful power. Then vanish when at the height of perfection. No vacation appealed to me more than the operating of that great piece of machinery, the steamer. Several I have owned and many I have sold.

This great industry of more than forty mammoth plants, together with numerous small shops building steam engines and threshers is now only a history of yesteryears.

My mind still reverts to the grand old days when running machinery powered by the old steamers and the selling of machinery for many years. Many of the instances come to my memory as though yesterday. Many of these sales was just luck, sudden and remarkable. Some few I will relate.

Some years ago when I traveled by rail I boarded a train and a gentleman shared his seat. Some way I took him to be a thresherman. I soon found out he was, and from West Virginia, and on his way to Columbus, Ohio, to look for a thresher. On arrival at Columbus I asked him to look over our line. He did and bought.

Once, when going by rail, I had a catalog. A young fellow spied it and asked for it to send to his father who was a. thresherman. This resulted later in the sale of two machines, one to his father and one to the uncle some few miles apart. Both were shipped on the same car.