| September/October 1973

North Central Illinois Steam Power Show, Inc.

Another fun day in northern Illinois! On Monday, March 26, 1973, a group consisting of friends from the North Central Illinois Steam Power Show, of Davis Junction, Illinois; the Stephenson County Antique Engine Club of Freeport, Illinois; and the Rock River Thresheree of Janesville, Wisconsin, shared a very exciting and interesting day.

We left Rockford, Illinois on a chartered bus, headed for a planned outing in the Chicago area; our first stop was the Museum of Science and Industry, where we found many items and displays of interest to engine enthusiasts.

The next stop was none other than the John Hancock Center, in downtown Chicago. A visit here would not be complete without the few-second elevator ride to the observation floor, which is the 94th floor.

At 3 p.m., the chartered bus pulled through the gate of the U.S. Tobacco plant on the west side of Chicago. We were greeted by John Evans, the Plant Foreman, and Otto Behling, the Plant Superintendent, who conducted us through a most-interesting afternoon.

The only product made in this plant is SNUFF...both Copenhagen and Skoal are produced here. Our main purpose in visiting this plant was to observe the everyday use of the four stationary steam engines and their generators, that keep this large plant humming.