A Letter From England While He is in America

| September/October 1958

  • Little Model Case
    The little model Case is owned and was built by Wally Vann of Winn-peg. In the photograph she is driving a perfect model Case separator which really threshes. Mr. Vann made the long trip from Winnipeg to our Pion-Era and added greatly to the interest of o

  • Little Model Case

White House Meadow, Felsted, Essex, England

I AM IN AMERICA FOR three months holiday visiting my twin sister, she married a soldier during the last war.

I am the owner of a steam engine which I named 'Felsted Belle'. It is a Garatt 7 hp., weighs 7 tons and was built in 1916. I drove this engine over 100 miles by road last year to different Rallies (Reunions you call them).

I am a member of three different Clubs in England. You can guess how thrilled I was to find steam engines in this country (U. S.). I was surprised to find as many as I have found and the friendship, and the friendship, I can't really explain it in writing.

I have met Mr. George Bednar, a reader of your Magazine. George has become a great friend of mine. The first day I met him he loaned me some of your magazines to read. I have enjoyed them very much, indeed. I was very surprised to read an article from Mr. R. G. Pratt, who is a member of the East Anglican Traction Engine Club, and together we sit on the committee of that Club.

I would like to try and express my thanks for printing his article regarding our Queen. It was very pleasing to read.