A little About Ohio Valley Agricultural Works

| March/April 1961


Manufacturer of: Ralstons Separator and Cleaner, Common Threshers, Cutting Boxes, Pitts Patent Threshing Machine, Portable Steam Engines, Horse Powers.

(From information gathered here and there by Elmer L. Ritzman)

MR. L. SPENCE began manufacturing Agricultural Machinery in 1840. That was when 'Tilling the Soil' employed one half of the people in the United States.

Small Agricultural Factories were in nearly every community. Transportation was almost non-existent and the machines had to be made near where they were to be used. Every state had a multiplicity of manufacturing plants. Ohio led all the other states in the value of her products of that character. The good name of her plows, planters, reapers, mowers - but especially her threshing machines - has extended to all parts of the world.

Let us note that great was the opposition to all labor saving machinery in the 1840's by the laborers themselves, mainly because they thought they would be out of work. The owner had a fear that they would do their work imperfectly and be wasteful. As it turned out it was just the opposite more work for the laborer in the factories and more grain saved for the farmer.