| January/February 1956

As we walk around the yards we are apt to hear and see most anything. Some days we see all sorts of gentlemen and ladies and by the looks of things some are apt to be lovers or newlyweds, walking around looking things over, seeing all sorts of machinery from small to monster. Now if you strike the right day you can get a ride on one of the old steamers that is being fired for some prospect. As this is being written we see a beautiful Peerless going away on a lowboy trailer, all fired up and painted to original color, as new. Boy was it a dandy, and run like a charm.

If you get there and walk past the shop, and hear something from human voice to a lion roar, you can guess Joe is mad about something but don't let it scare you, it soon blows over. If you happen to know Joe you know what I mean.

The yards are being cleaned up over the winter, especially around the sawmill that had, been set up for the reunion, a few logs were there to be sawed and if you want to know about sparks flying from the saw from getting too close -to the head blocks, see Amos and ask him.