| September/October 1964

In August 1963 we spent three enjoyable days at the Neil Miller show West of Alden, Iowa, and were impressed by the old fashioned hospitality extended to their many friends.

The help enjoys the meals as they were in days of yore. The wash tub and basins, the towels hanging around on the windmill tower and the first and second table. The usual ambition was to make the first table but the second table was in order for those who never are on time for dinner at home!

There is plenty of shade and one does not tire from walking long distances, as most show features are close in. The ladies excel in pro viding good food at the canteen. We always find at the same spot, Orin G. Seavers who has books and magazines that we like to read. He also likes to keep the Merry Go Round engine rolling, pull on the whistle cord and give out with the Army calls on his bugle! The show would not be complete without Mr. Seavers, so thanks, Orin!

Mr. Neil Miller is a busy man but will take time out for a good joke or to talk about the engines. He loves to work hard to put on a good show which is growing up to a very fine show. An exhibition building is erected to house many fine showpieces. Fifteen steam engines of several makes were under steam and additional engines are being restored so that a larger and better show will be in store for us in 1964.

There were many tractors and gas engines. Neil owns the machinery for this show which lists it among the large private owned shows.

Time does bring a good show to an end so after the boards were placed on the engine stacks, the engineers had spun their last yarn and autos came to life for the trip home, we regretfully bid farewell to the Miller 'Engine Farm' to travel to another good show.