| May/June 1960

Francesville, Indiana

The ALBUM is a new book to me. I have been (and am now) a shut-in with heart trouble. A good friend of mine brought me about a dozen issues of the ALBUM and it sure brings back old memories -- for I too am an old steam fan. I started when I was about 15 and I'm now 66.

I never owned an outfit but grew up with them and run several makes. My three brothers and I learned on an 18 return Gaar Scott. I have run Advance, Russel, Baker, Huber, Collins, and was with them until the gas tractors run us out. I threshed 7 years with a Rumley oil pull but it never was like the old steamer nor did it smell right.

I was very much interested in C. R. Willit's letter (Memories) in the Sept.-Oct. 1959 ALBUM, page 16, of his visit to the Avery Plant at Peoria, Illinois. I, too, rode on the Avery that they used in their yard. The engineer was my uncle. I, too, wore one of those yellow ribbons and badges. I wondered if he noticed that engine had power steering on it (so much talked about today on cars and tractors).

I have visited the Pontiac Reunion several times including '59. Was at the one north of Fort Wayne in '59.

I sure hope the old steamer will stay with us a long while. Well, I guess I'd better turn off the steam for this time --I'm still a bit weak and nervous.