| March/April 1966

3500 8th Ave. Council Bluffs, Iowa

I spent three days at the Midwest Settlers Association at Mt. Pleasent, Iowa. There were lots of old friends and lots of new people there and I believe the first three days was the greatest I have ever seen, but rain stopped most of the engines and parade on Sunday and Monday.

I had the pleasure of being the guest of Mr. Holtcamp and family of Win-field, Iowa and the best pleasure of running Mr. Holtcamp's engine in the Parade, a nice well rebuilt Gaar Scott 16 H.P. It was in Show condition and I enjoyed every minute with it and his family, two nice daughters and each one could handle the engine just fine and was with me two days. They are wonderful young ladies. Mrs. Holtcamp wouldn't try but she was always there and mothered me and took pictures of Pat and me, a wonderful hostess. When we went home nights, always something to eat.

I met lots of the boys and was always welcome anywhere. I had a Model J. I. Case at nights on parade which belongs to Mr. W. Turner of Oakland. He has two he made, a great man and a close friend. Was over to his place today, running the little J. I. Case just for past time.

I will be in Mt. Pleasant again in 1966 also if Lords willing and hope to meet more new people there again.

I read my Album and have several friends from reading and writing to them. Always glad to hear from old steam men.