| July/August 1967

279 Prospect Ave., East Aurora, New York

My father, Joseph W. Roxy, purchased this Machine in its original from as indicated on the duplicated photograph in 1885. Said wagon was used in various Amusement parks and drawn with a tongue hitch from storage place to midway. I, the present owner, inherited this equipment when still a young person. At one time, I form as indicated on the duplicated placed same on a Model A-Ford chassis. Many years ago, I built the present trailer under same. Many modifications have been made to keep the equipment hardy and movable at safe speeds on the highways.

The steam engine is operated through gear reduction power. The originality of this beautiful equipment has not been taken away through some modification, but more eye appeal was added as contrast photographs will verify.

For many years, the second generation owner, S. Arthur Roxy of East Aurora, New York as supplied his succulent product of old fashioned seasoned in the kettle tender POPCORN and fresh roasted peanuts. Mr. Roxy believes that his equipment is the most photographed and the only one Double Kettle Popcorn Wagon of this model and size left in the world. Originally, there were five of this type and model built by the C. Creators Company of Chicago, Illinois. Three have been reported to have fallen into the hands of disinterested owners and were scrapped. One was destroyed in a Chicago fire.

Mr. Roxy, the second generation owner, boasts that the late Walt Disney at one time offered him a fabulous sum of money to gain possession of this particular popcorn wagon for his famous Disney Land in California.

The Roxy Family is still very much in evidence with their unique and well preserved Steam Engine, Popcorn and Peanut Wagon. They book the various Steam Engine Rallies and numerous events during the summer season. For open dates it is suggested to contact Mr. Roxy at 279 Prospect Avenue, East Aurora, New York.