A Reader Speaks

| January/February 1987

Two Dot, Montana

I enjoy reading the magazine very much as I am sure other people do also. I think it is about time that I should contribute something, so here it goes.

One of the first and foremost reasons for this article is so that when the magazine comes I will not be able to read the want ads first due to the fact it is so thin. Were it not for advertising and pictures I could read next week's newspaper through it.

For part of this I lay blame to some of you old duffers that like to read these magazines but forget to contribute anything.

Also it seems that as you editors and owners go to shows in the summer you might find some old-timer and record his history and try to persuade someone to write rather than just try to sell your publication. If you think I am playing the devil's advocate, you are exactly right.

I have been reading articles in the magazine by such fellows as Jack Beamish, Chady Atteberry and John Forney and thought that I had better set some of their thinking straight. They seem to have lost all or most of their common sense.