A Real Thrill

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Incomplete Stickney Junior Gas Engine for which Mr. Ransom Matthews, Associate Curator of Mechanical Science in the Los Angeles County Museum, Los Angeles, 7, California, desires further information.

Associate Curator of Mechanical Science Los Angeles County
Museum Exposition Park, Los Angeles 7, California

THE ARTICLE BY George Shepherd, curator of the Western
Development Museum, on page 10 of the Nov.-Dec., 1955 ALBUM, was a
real thrill. It certainly is gratifying to know that they are
saving the old tractors and farm machinery and I hope they do not
overlook the old internal combustion portable and stationary
engines, which Rolland Buslaff pleads for on page 13 of the same

Between those in our museum collection and what I have saved
myself over about 40 years, we have about 20 gas, gasoline and oil
engines dating from before 1890 up to about 1920.

Enclosed is a picture of my Stickney Junior which is about the
age of Mr. Buslaff’s Fuller and Johnson. Unfortunately, most of
the valve and governor gear is missing as is the hot tube ignition,
though it also has make and break ignition. Perhaps some of your
readers might be able to locate pictures, charts or a complete
engine that would help in the research necessary for its
restoration. Have been trying for many years to get the de-desired

Each new number of the ALBUM is always an added pleasure.

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