A Reeves traction engine,

Denver, Colorado. A Reeves traction engine, 20 Horsepower, after
explosion which occurred circa 1915 near Hennessey, Oklahoma. The
steam engine was owned jointly by George Wilson, Al Anderson, and
Ted Riley. Frank Knoll, or Knole, of Hennessey, Oklahoma, was the
engine op erator and one other person was steering, or rather had
been steering, and they were both about two feet from the
crank-shaft at the time of the explosion. Furthermore, a little boy
was sitting on the coal box; miraculously, all persons excaped
injury. The operator had moved the engine into the depression and
as he did so the engine exploded. The fly-wheel and the crank-shaft
landed about 100 feet in rear of the engine as shown in the
photograph. The boiler shell, the smoke stack and front wheels were
scattered to the four winds. The boiler pessure at the time of the
explosion is unknown. Neither is there information on the stage of
water in the boiler. However, the then owners had been warned not
to carry excessive pressure.

This engine was formerly owned by Kersen Brothers of Marshall,
Oklahoma. And the above information was given to the writer by Mr.
N. H. Kersen.

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