| January/February 1958

Alpena, Michigan

Please find enclosed two one dollar bills for the renewal of THE IRON-MEN ALBUM which I have enjoyed very much since I started reading it.

I have been around steam all my life and have run different kinds, such as steam shovels, boats and mill engines too.

My thoughts were mostly on the way the engines run, such as valve setting, as I just love to hear an engine cutting off even, so they can do their work with ease.

For instance, I was called to a saw mill a few years ago. The owner told me in my shop that his engine was no good and didn't have enough power for his mill. So I said to him, will you call me the next time you have steam up? He said, 'sure I will'. And he did. I went to see what I could do and what do you know that poor engine didn't know which way to run, yet he was trying to saw with it. Well, I soon changed that by moving the eccentric a little and the valve also. Then I said 'try her now', and he started babying the carriage feed and I said 'push it to her, I want to see the engine work.' So he did and off went the belt. Then he put tar on the belt and yet the engine threw it off again. So he was convinced he had power.

Gentlemen I would like to say a few words about the Steam Reunions. I have been to 3 or 4 now and I enjoy being able to go to them. One suggestion is that the people who have engines on the grounds to show, and other things, should try and be more willing to talk to the people who at least act interested, because we who come long distances to the show like to learn more about things because even old timers see things there we would like to talk about. And on the other hand it sure would make them feel more like coming the next year. So let's get to be closer friends while we have a chance.