A Salesman's Thrill

| November/December 1958

Tacoma, Ohio

REVERTING BACK TO the year 1895 my mind did instinctively teach me that machinery was to be my life work. Especially the operating and selling of the steam engine and threshers it  powered, which I loved so well, together with other auxiliaries the steamers drove.

Somehow when we think of thresher salesmen we think of Marcus Leonard and E C. Foreman. Both have grown in years with a kindly spirit. One in the east and the other in the west. One in the mountains and the other on the plains. Both are very good writers and an inspiration to our Hobby. May the Good Lord Bless and give them health and happiness for many years yet for them and us to enjoy ELMER

Just recently, after sixty-three years, while pondering over old time letters and inquiries asking for prices and terms of threshing machinery from prospective buyers. Many of the inquiries were interesting but hard to determine their actual worth of spending time and money to run them down or to see the parties. One old and half forgotten inquiry of June 1908, fifty years ago, deserves a write-up owning to having sold a 10 hp. traction engine and a 24 inch plain thresher. Following is a copy of the original inquiry

June 1-1908. Please. Gentlemen, send by early mail one of your picture books of steam turned thresh boxes and self run steam engines that will draw the thresh box on road from stooks and barnes to others. And make good low price spot cash set in our lot.

Jane Ann and Jake ---, West Virginia