| July/August 1989

44-2106-50th Street S.E., Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2B 1M7

Here is something you don't see anymore. This seven binder operation was William (Dad) Fletcher's outfit of Brant, Alberta, taken in 1916. Everybody in the country called him 'Dad'. He was a favorite fiddler at the local dances. 'Dad' was the champion old time fiddler in 1926 at the Calgary Stampede. The steam engine is a Reeves 32x110 C.C. The binders, I believe, are Massey Harris. Each binder had its own special hitch that makes the binder go right or left by a gear driven system in front of the binder and is controlled by the operator. Each binder takes care of its side draft pull. The wagon tied behind the last binder carries all parts for the binders. Everything is repaired in the field. The whole outfit makes a round corner. The binder with the horses, cuts out the missing standing grain at the corners. Folks, this outfit really was a show piece and covered a lot of ground each Fall. This Reeves steamer was last used in a sawmill in Northern Alberta.