A Short Chronological History of the Geiser Manufacturing Co.

| January/February 1970

722 E. End Ave., Lancaster, Pa.

In the Industrial Revolution of America which spanned the 1800's continuing into the present century, the names of many deserving pioneer geniuses have been buried in oblivion. If we could but know the lost details and obscure incidents, many stories of interest and inspiration would emerge for us today.

The inventor of the grain thresher or separator was one of these men, but was fortunate to Lave lived to see the fruits of his early trials and tribulations develop into one of the successful manufacturers of farm and forest machinery.

I refer to Peter Geiser, whose grandson, Robert Geiser of Waynesboro, Pa. recently discovered the autobiography of his grandfather and had it published. In order to complete the Geiser data of later years it was necessary to connect the thresher with the steam engine.

On March 6, 1826, at Smithburg, Washington County, Md., was born Peter Geiser, a son of Daniel Geiser of Swiss-German heritage. His mother's name was Singer, of the famous sewing machine family.

In the Green Hill Cemetery of Waynesboro, Pa. stands a modest tombstone with the following inscription: PETER GEISER March 6, 1826 - March 18, 1901 Inventor of World's First Threshing Machine 1848 Founder of Waynesboro's First Industry 1852 In the light of the autobiography data the last line would appear to be open to some question.