| September/October 1964

Sidewalk Supt., Macedonia, Iowa

Some fifty years ago this 45-HP International Titan roamed the hills and valleys near Emerson, Iowa. With its companion separator, it completed the year's grain harvest for many of the local farmers.

According to comments obtained from other sidewalk superintendents, the active life of this giant included a trip back to the factory for overhaul, and the addition of a one cylinder auxiliary starting engine.

After its return to Emerson, the history becomes a little more clear. The Titan continued its labor for a Mr. Honeyman, after which it was sold to a man reportedly from Harlan, Iowa. He began the long overland drive, up a side road. At a point two miles northwest of Emerson, the old Titan chugged to a painful stop, and was abandoned.

It stood idly by the road side for a period of time, until the adjoining farmer hooked 4 head of horses to the brute and dragged it down a hill and into a ravine. During a severe rain storm, trees and wire piled up against the Titan, and the water force was sufficient to move it down stream some 15 rods to a wooden bridge.

The bridge was later replaced by a shallow culvert and the giant was silted under, there to remain safe from the cutting torch for some forty years.