| July/August 1982

  • Mail box

  • Mail box

LeRoy Jinnings, who lives near Hamilton, Indiana, uses a set of governors to hold up his mailbox.

LeRoy writes to us:

'The idea all started many years ago when I purchased my Case engine. The governors were bad, so I told a steam fan and a good friend, John Harper of RR New Haven, Indiana, about my problem. He told me he had a good set of Pickering governors and gave them to me.

'One day I decided to change them. When I got the set off the Case I discovered my problem. Being a machinist and a tool and diemaker, I repaired them.

'I stored the set Mr. Harper gave me overhead the granary. When we sold the farm and built a new home at Ball Lake, I decided to make my idea become a reality.

'In all our travels we have never seen another way like it of letting people know a steam fan lives here.'