| January/February 1954

R. D. 1, Conneaut, Ohio.

It consists of one Troy automatic 41/2x5 engine. One Erie City Iron Works boiler. One old V-8 pick-up chassis. One hatch coner to a steam boat. One old grease drum for a water tank. A few feet of new lumber to build a coal bunker and tool box. Speed12 to 13 miles per hour.

I was born with a Buffalo Pitts steam engine.

My Dad threshed for 67 years without a break. Started with a 3-horse tread power, then a D. June Portable, then a D. June Traction, after that Buffalo Pitts 10 hp., 15 hp., and two 16 hp. In 1925 IHC 15-30 until he passed away in 1937.

I started to thresh when I was 13 years old (1918) and missed only two seasons. Although I was railroading I managed to get sick 2 or 3 days at threshing and silo filling time.

Back in 1918, 19, and 20 we would start out about July 10th and were lucky to get home by December. The days of the tank pump handle are gone but I have not forgotten them.