| March/April 1971

  • Horse and Buggy
    1964 Horse and Buggy Days.

  • Horse and Buggy

Tremont, Wisconsin

This town has a parade once a year -being called - Horse and Buggy Days. I say 'To win a trophy in this parade, I must enter something they have never had.' So I started training a mule and a Holstein ox side by side, so I could drive them as a team. I won two trophies in this town. As of then, I bought six Brown Swiss bull calves and trained them to make a six-ox-hitch. To name these six oxen was simple because I had six brothers, naming them from the oldest to the youngest.

The first span of oxen is as follows: Billy Club was named after Bill, Martini Tub was named after Martin. The second span of oxen is - Hansvorscht named after Hans, Weinervoracht named after Werner. The third span of oxen is - Gnorhardt named after Gerhardt, Watercart was named after Walter. I, Carl, one of the seven brothers, do the driving of this six ox hitch. Because of a mishap, two of these oxen went to market. I still have an evenly mated four ox hitch.

In my favorite hometown, my two sons James and Tony and I with our parade entries, have won seven trophies in the past seven years.

These oxen pull my walking plow and haul wood together in the woods.

The time when high gear works the best in these oxen is when they are headed for the barn.