| March/April 1968

1545-10th Ave. East, St. Paul Park, Minnesota 55071

As I am recuperating from an operation in the hospital and have nothing to do, I thought I would write a few stories told to me by my uncle who was a fireman on a Bufflo-Pitts steam engine.

But first I thought I would tell how I became a fan of these old-time engines.

In 1951 I went to work on the Lloyd Belden farm in St. Paul Park, Minnesota. He had a 50 h.p. case engine which nowdays gets steamed up about twice a year. Well in the days I worked there, we had five big farm tractors so the engine didn't get used as much as it did when, many years ago they first got it. I am told they plowed with it pulling an eight bottom plow plus belt work.

Well, one year we were going to fill the silos with chopped hay. We put a F-20 on the blower and after three hours, the motor burned up. So, they took it to the Implement dealer to get it fixed. He loaned us another F-20 which had a bad bearing in the motor. Well, that didn't last very long so Lloyd finally gave in and said if we are going to get the silo filled we better get the old reliable out of the shed. We steamed the old Case up and put her on the belt and went to work.

We filled the two silos, plus three snow fence silos, three rings high without any trouble. One morning Lloyd thought he had enough steam up to start out, so we started putting the hay in the blower. She started to slow down, but it was too late to shut the feeder off because she was plugged really bad. After that one incident he made sure he had plenty of steam up before we started.