A Tale of Two Cases

| September/October 1997

23405 E. 2200 North Road Odell, Illinois 60460

No. 11118 running power-eater at the National Threshers Reunion in Wauseon, Ohio. John Haley is running the engine.

I sure have been enjoying the good articles in the latest issues, so I thought I'd better take my turn and contribute something again.

My tale begins with the continuing story of the 1910 25-75 Case I bought from Russ Gelder a few years back.

I started with the boiler and engine and have now added wheels from North Dakota, some gears from Wisconsin, levers from the upper part of Michigan and miscellaneous parts from around home. The missing parts list isn't completed yet, but is much shorter than when I began. This has been a fun and rewarding project so far, and if I don't end up selling it first, maybe it will be a complete and running engine soon.

I thought I might need to let it go when we decided our family had outgrown our current home, but we moved to our new home last April and the 75 is still here. I guess we will see if I finish it or someone else gets to do it.