A Tall And True Tale

| May/June 1991

765 Sunderland Rd, Concord, NC 28025

I always enjoy the steam and gas magazines. They are next to my Bible.

Since 1937, I have loved steam and I've learned to respect it. I know that it is okay as long as you keep it contained. The danger of steam is when it's not containedwhen it's out of control, it can hurt someone. I have been burned by it, been wet and covered up with soot and ash by it, but I still love steam.

When I would hear an old steam train, I used to stop whatever I was doing and head for the railroad. First to see her go by huffing and puffing, and also to smell the coal smoke!

Now for my tall tale or story:

Whatever you may call it, it's still true, to the best of my memory. This happened about 1937 and took place in North Carolina, Cabarrus County, near Cabarrus Station. At that time we were still having a hard time keeping bread on the table. We had already killed all the rabbits and possum for food. What we did not eat I would box and sell for 15 cents each to a man who ran a wood yard. I never could figure how this man and family ate so many rabbits.