| July/August 1963

Rt. 4, Gatesville, Texas

PART TWO Continued from May June Issue

The straw and grain pan brackets were weak, the idler on the belt that ran the straw rack grain pan cleaning fan, cleaning shoe beater and weightier had no bearings in it. The straw rack and grain pan trouble was eliminated for all time by putting heavier and longer brackets on them. The idler was fixed by putting in roller bearings.

The case type B feeder was very satisfactory. It had two good sensitive governors, one on the chain to bring the bundles up and one to govern the amount to the cylinder. It had a crank on the deck to feed the cylinder high or low due to the condition of the straw.

The weightier, well, that is a story all in its self. It certainly wasn't a Garden City. It was a Case. I guess they put it on their number one separator and came down the line with it. I never saw one that was different and my headache with this one was getting the grain away after the bucket had tripped. There wasn't enough room between the bucket and the auger, carrying it away it depended on the condition of the grain as to whether it handled it or not. When conditions were bad I put a man there to watch it.

One spring I put an agitator in it run from the auger shaft. I felt real proud. I was telling an old Case separator man about my licking the trouble. He shook his head and said maybe when we got started it helped, but didn't stop all the trouble.