| November/December 1968

Case Steamer

Picture taken June 16, 1939. We had just finished sawing lumber at our place. I was using the 15-45 Case Steamer. I am on the far right. Mr. J.P. Neyers, the. Sawyer, is in the center holding the hook and the one on the far right is Oak Denzer.

By James G. Stewart

Minnesota City,Minnesota 55959

I have threshed and shredded corn ever since 1919. I have only missed two years since then and that was 1926 -1928, the three years that I was in Chicago, Illinois. In 1927, I was home on vacation and I got in a few days that year. 1968 would make 50 years if I had not missed those two years.

To begin with, I started out with a 32 x 52 J. I. Case handfeed machine with a slat stacker and a 12-20 Rumely Oil Pull Tractor. In 1920 I bought a Sears Roebuck 12 Hp. portable gas engine. Then, in 1922 I bought a 1 cylinder I.H.C. Mogul Tractor 10-20 Hp. The first few years I put my engines on a neighbor's shredder but in 1922 I bought a new I.H.C. Shredder. It was a four roll and was not too good of a machine. In 1929 I bought a four roll Appelton that was quite a lot better machine. I also bought a 10-20 McCormick Deering from my brother that was new the fall of 1926. In 1930, I quit using the Case and bought a 24 X 40 New Racine with wood frame and steel sides. It was a used machine. Then in 1932, I bought a J. I. Case 15-45 Steamer that was built in the year 1905. I used it to do some custom work, then after that I just used it at home to do our own work.

In 1943, I sold it for junk, but if I would have known what I do now, I would have kept it. I did not think at the time that they would ever become so valuable as they are now. If I had known what I do now, I would have gone out and bought a few of them. A junk dealer at Rochester, Minnesota, was cutting them up for a dollar a horsepower. $25.00 for a 25 Hp.and there was some really good ones that went for scrap iron.

In 1932, I lost my left hand at the wrist. It was on the 8th day of December and I was using the steam engine and the Appleton Shredder. I had just got the steamer and it was the first job that I used it on. It happened right here at home. Well, I