| July/August 1977

Before the Rev. Elmer L. Ritzman founded the publication you are now reading, he made visits with fellow steam hobbyists, and then sent out a printed letter to ask collectors whether he should start a magazine.

He dated the printed letter July 29, 1946. It told of his travels, and ended with a message that started this way:

'We propose....One of the reasons for this letter is to get those of the same interests introduced. We have always felt the need for a magazine that would give vent to our feelings. Maybe we can get one started some time. Let us try!'

He promised another letter, asking for names and interests of other collectors. The letter was printed as a four-page folder.

C Everett Young, Box 83, Kinzers, Pennsylvania 17535, gave us a copy of this letter. Young's father, the late Arthur S. Young, was a founder of the Rough and Tumble Engineers at Kinzers, and good friend of Elmer Ritzman. Everett is also a longtime Rough and Tumble Iron-Man.

In the letter, the Rev. Ritzman gave names of his hosts. Those who are living probably remember the visits warmly.