| May/June 1952

R. D. -B. 3A, Yacolt,, Washington

During the summer of 1905, I was engine man for the Advance Threshing Machine Company working in and out of the branch on Hast Belmont Street, Portland, Oregon. My chief job was to unload threshers and engines from the factory and reload outfits sold to customers in Oregon and Washington.

I was asked to get a used 12 hp engine ready to ship by rail to an eastern Oregon town. In doing so I noticed many holes drilled through the face of the drivers. Upon inquiry I found this engine had been fitted with wide bands over the drivers to make it suitable to be used on the sand banks of the Columbia River near Astoria, Oregon, for dragging out seines in Salmon fishing-operations. If you have the right. Advance catalog, one prior to 1905, you may see a picture of this engine in operation.

The 12 hp was found to be OK and I pushed it on a fiat car and made it secure for the trip. My pushing power was a 6 hp Advance engine, one built. before friction clutches.

It was always a pleasure to use this little rig. Unloading one of those 35 hp Advances it about reached its limit and in reloading one the process was much like a battering ram.

I was pleased when told I was to take the train to Elgin, Oregon, and to unload and deliver the engine some 40 miles east of the town. On approaching the terminus I had some misgivings. Those rugged mountains to the east looked very big to me.