A Two-Hobby Trip: Motorcycles And Steamers

| May/June 1991

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia , Canada B2X 2W8

We kissed our wives goodbye on Wednesday, September 26th (we being John and Ian Moffat, father and son), and with our BMW motorcycles loaded with camping gear and cameras, set out for Plymouth Rock,

Massachusetts. The first night, we decided to motel it in Bangor because of the threat of rain. Next morning, the rain in Maine was all too plain and we had to envelop ourselves in full rain gear before starting out. However, after about 150 miles en route we at last ran into bright sunshine. The rest of the run to the Pilgrims' landing site was pleasant indeed.

The first part of our holiday was to attend a BMW motorcycle rally at Plymouth Rock KOA. Just before the campsite, there was a roadside advertisement pointing the way to the 'Toy Train Museum'. For anyone interested in small scale trains, it is a very worthwhile stopping place. Most of the exhibits were in HO and smaller gauges. Although most were of American manufacture there were also a large contingent from Europe and smaller numbers from Asia and other continents. Also on display was an elegant 3' gauge engine which was steam ready, but is never run anymore.

Friday was given up to motorcycling fun, but Saturday Ian and I were fortunate enough to visit the Edaville Railroad and museum. Fortunate in two ways, because this particular weekend there was also a display of antique machinery with some seventy exhibitors with everything from Maytag two-cycle washing machine engines, to large make and break engines with flywheels up to five feet in diameter.

One of the interesting engines there was a Stirling hot air engine. This is the first one of its size which I have seen in operation. The Stirling cycle must be the quietest of all power producers.