| November/December 1955

Goshen, Indiana

Some of you fellows will want to shoot this man but just wait he is a good man if he does have a bad heart. Ed.

This summer (1954) I attended the Threshers Home Coming near Ft. Wayne, Ind., and subscribed to the IRON-MEN ALBUM which I enjoy very much.

I have wrecked 55 traction steam engines of probably a dozen different types and makes. Also probably 200 tons of gas engines from 11/2 to 75 hp. I know today I wrecked quite a few that were in good condition. How I wish I would have known then what I know now. I would like to have one all painted up nice and sitting in my back yard.

I have a 7hp. Waterloo Boy gas engine mounted on a cement abutment I built especially for the engine. It is at least 45 years old. Whenever we get company we start the engine just to hear it run. Of course we have many other old things around including an 80-year-old Dog Power machine that was built in the state of Vermont. It is brand new. I found it in Cheif, Michigan, in the warehouse of an old hardware store.

After wrecking the steam and gas engines, about 20 years ago, I also took out about 60 or 70 boilers from mint distills and factory buildings and sold the castings to the foundries at Elkhart, Ind., and the flues to a firm that cleaned them and made them into sign posts. The boiler shells I sold to farmers for dredge ditch culverts and bridges. A few for water supply tanks.