| January/February 1956

943 Dutton Avenue San Leandro, California

All readers should appreciate your editorial, which was in the September-October 1953 issue of the ALBUM, concerning the correction of material that the readers submit to you. Everyone should appreciate the fact that you cannot check or re-check all the material for the facts and their correctness. This writer believes very strongly that it is therefore the duty of any reader, who notes a miss statement in any article or picture data, should therefore send in the true facts. Therefore, in the future it is hoped that our written materials are correct when we submit them.

On page 2, Nov. Dec, 1953 issue of the ALBUM there appeared a picture furnished by Mr. R. H. Blank of Walcott, Iowa and it is stated that the engine in the picture is a Star engine (Mogul) built by C. Aultman & Co., Canton, Ohio.

I state herewith that the engine in Mr. Blank's picture is not a Star Mogul and submit the following reasons together with pictures.

The words 'Star' and 'Mogul' were trade names for two different model engines. The 'Star' used the locomotive type boiler and the cylinder was front mounted up on the smoke box and had two speed gear traction arrangement.

The 'Mogul', also a trade name, was an entirely different type of engine, using a return flue-drop fire box type boiler, the cylinder was also front mounted and had two speed gear arrangement. There was no water tank on the front end, as shown in the picture, nor was the cylinder mounted on a water heater at rear over drive wheel.