| January/February 1969

Newton Grinnell, Iowa 50112

On July 9th, 1968, I took a trip to Shenandoah, Iowa, and went by way of Macedonia, Iowa, to see a Mr. Donald Schultz, who had advertized a Woods Bros' 22 H.P. steam engine for sale.

I approached a nice modern farm home and a lady came to the door. I introduced myself and she also being interested in steam was quite friendly. She said the 22 H.P. Woods Bros' Engine was sold, and Mr. Schultz was in the field combining wheat but they had a steam boiler in the shed I might like to see. We looked at it and on the way, in a shop, a portable gasoline was being restored. Then we went to a large farm barn with a plank floor covered with gas engines in size from one Hp. up. I had never seen so many gas engines in one place before in my life. She said there were more than one hundred.

We then went back to the house to see photos of the 22 hp. Woods Bros' Engine. She asked me to go to the field with her to take refreshment to Mr. Schultz. I refused as I should be on my way. After looking at the photos she said that in the past when some one so interested in steam and gas power as I was, came, visited awhile and went on, afterward when she told Donald about it he would be a little irked because she did Not bring or send them to the wheat field so he could visit with them too. So I changed my mind and said I would go.

We took lemonade and cookies to the field. Mr. Schultz had started another round when he saw us coming but he stopped the combine and came back. He drew two bales of straw into the shade of a large grain tank wagon. He and she sat on one bale and I on the other and had a delightful visit.

He told me of an engine he had built, it was in Mt. Pleasant, with an eight H.P. Gaar Scott boiler with a water lined smoke box from Purdue University where it had been used some as a stand by for their large heating plant boiler. The engine was a two cylinder hoisting engine and the frame was from his Father's old Chevrolet truck.