| July/August 1971

Rt. 1, Baldwinsville, New York 13027

Cruising down Route No. 90 on East side of Cayuga Lake thru Union Springs you come to Levanna and the home of Mr. Charles Hitchcock, located in a fine grove of black walnut trees. On entering the grounds you can see a column of black smoke and steam which means only one thing there is an old steam traction engine in operation.

There are several of them here in operation. First you see a big Frick driving a Westinghouse thresher threshing wheat, harvested the year before and doing a nice job. The straw will later be baled.

Next in line is a shingle machine, built by Mr. Hitchcock. This is self-propelled, but at present is being run by a steam engine oh yes, this is a Frick engine.

Here comes a team of horses drawing a load of kids riding around the grounds. They are having a great time.

Going a bit farther on is a stone crusher making little stones out of big ones, which are used on the farm roads.