| January/February 1962

  • Steam engine
    Courtesy of John Miller, 507 Oak St., La Porte City, Iowa
    John Miller

  • Steam engine

La Porte City, Iowa

This engine was patented by a La Porte City man named William Fox and built by the Iowa Gas Engine Co. of Waterloo, Iowa. This engine was built quite a lot on the order of a steam engine. It has ahead, a connecting rod and a valve drive like a steamer. The connecting rod has a take up on both ends. According to what history I have of it, it was built in the 1890's and it's the only one of like it in existence.

If there are any Iron-Men Album readers that know of another engine like it, I sure would appreciate hearing from them. I have 12 other gasoline engines in my collection which is my hobby. I have restored all of them and they are in good running order.

I am also a steam fan. I operated Steam Engines back in 1912 to 1919 threshing grain and shredding corn and shelling corn. Then later on in the 1930's I owned and operated two different threshing machines, a Minneapolis and a Huber. They were both good machines. Also, I owned and operated a corn sheller and gas tractors were used for power after the steam engines were retired.

I will have some more Gas Engines photos a little later which I think will be of interest to the readers of this most wonderful magazine.