Farm Collector

A Young Nichols & Shepard Fan

R. D. 2, Dover, Ohio

I HAVE BEEN READING your interesting magazine since 1952 and
have never written you, but a picture in the Nov.-Dec. 1957 issue,
page 16, of a Nichols and Shepard prompted this.

That picture was not taken at the Fair but in our pasture field
the first Sunday afternoon after I finished painting it. This was
August 1953. I can’t, in spite of myself, understand how you
got the picture or who sent it to you. (We don’t know either or
it would have been printed with the picture E.L.R.)

I bought this engine in August 1952 from Mr. Arthur S. Young,
Kinzers, Pa., (the greatest man I ever knew) the fall after I
graduated from high school. I had to borrow most of the money I
paid for it. As a matter of fact I bought this engine nearly a year
before I had an automobile. Steam is the first in my mind as you
can see.

It is a 1915 model with a double riveted lap seam boiler. The
water tanks were gone when I got it. I repainted it and took it to
the Tuscosa was County Fair at Dover, New Philadelphia, Ohio in
1953. The engine is a 16-60 No. 13896. In the spring of 1954 I sold
the engine to a man in Choshocton, Ohio, because Mr. Young wrote me
he had located another N & S like mine, complete and like new,
built in 1924.

This engine is number 14030 and I have also restored it. I used
them both to fill our silos and run my Dad’s saw mill. The
engine is in beautiful shape and neither love nor money could buy

At the present time I am hand firing two 250 hp. boilers in a
nearby brick yard. I have a license and really enjoy my work. It is
work but when you enjoy it you don’t mind.

  • Published on Nov 1, 1958
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