A Zoo Railroad

| January/February 1962

This article taken from the Canton Repository, Sept. 10, 1961, and sent to us by the courtesy of Kenneth Ross, Waynesburg, Ohio. There was an interesting picture in the paper but we cannot copy. The article was originally in a Portland, Oregon paper.

It is rare, indeed, that a new railroad is established, and rarer, still, that it makes a profit. But a new one here is doing a brisk, profitable business.

Its name is the Portland Zoo Railway, and its trains glide and chug through the woods and around the animal dens of the zoo.

Last year, the railroad carried a quarter of a million passengers. This year it is doing even better.

The railway has two main trains. One, a streamliner pulled by a Diesel locomotive, carries passengers a mile and a half through the woods to a point overlooking the city. The other, a brass-trimmed, pot-bellied steam locomotive with a flaring smokestack and an 1870 flavor, hauls four excursion-style cars around the edge of the zoo.

The first run over the narrow-gauge tracks was made June 8, 1958. The line has been growing steadily since with more track, more rolling stock.