Farm Collector


R. D. 1, Box 156, Ripon, Wisconsin

In the March issue of the ALBUM, page 15, there is a picture of
a young engineer, Marvin Wilkinson, 11 years old. You ask for the
year and a better history. In looking over some old American
Threshermen I found what you are asking for. Marvin Wilkinson, of
Winfield, Kansas, according to his father, when 11 years old fired,
oiled and kept water in his 20 hp. Case the past season for 25 days
without a stop or mishap of any kind and offers affidavits of his
customers in proof of the statement.

This was taken from the December issue of American Threshermen,
1907. I have all these from 1904 until they quit the publication of
them. I would like to sell them.

  • Published on Nov 1, 1956
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