Farm Collector


Secretary Charleroi, Pennsylvania

The Association held its second annual Reunion on August 20-23,
1953 at the Hooks town Grange Fair, Beaver County, Pennsylvania.
This year, a greater number of engines was shown than at previous
reunions and a sawmill was added to make the affair a decided

Steam threshing and sawing were featured daily and the engines
were paraded for the enjoyment of the large crowds in attendance.
It was evident that the efforts of the association were well
received and appreciated, as more people continue to visit our
exhibit each year.

Another feature of this year’s show was the selection of a
Steam Engine Queen, Miss Evelyn Kabo, Avella Pennsylvania was
chosen from a large number of contestants ant: reigned throughout
the week.

Members of the Association who exhibited machines were: C. R.
Fullerton and Son, Burgettstown, Pa., with their 20hp.
Advance-Rumely, 19-65 Port Huron and 20hp. Keck-Gonnerman; M. D.
Fullerton, Burgettstown, Pa., with his 16hp. Huber and 16hp. Double
Frick; Raymond Laizure, Cadiz, Ohio, with his 16hp Russell; Frank
Gormley, Aliquippa Pa., with his 20-40 Oil-Pull and Aultman-Taylor
separator; Clarence Lutton, Steubenville, Ohio, with a 21-75 Baker;
Arthur Short, Avalon, Pa., with his 27-42 Minneapolis tractor and
Paul F. Crow, Charleroi, Pa., with a 50hp. Case. Paul Kabo, Avella,
Pa., showed an 1890 Geiser Thresher and C. H. Lightfoot and
associates showed a fine collection of model engines.

On September 27, despite rain which fell until late afternoon,
M. D. Fullerton staged his annual threshing day at his farm.
Although the unfavorable weather kept many from attending, a large
crowd was present to see a steam saw mill in operation and a
demonstration of steam threshing and baling. Perhaps the ones who
came farthest were Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Langworthy, a veteran
thresherman of 17 years. They came from Alfred, New York, a
distance of 277 miles.

The Association continues to enroll-new members as well as
renewal membership and are already laying plans for bigger and
better activities for the year ahead.

Officers of the Association are: President, C. R. Fullerton;
Vice President, C. H. Lightfoot; Secretary. Paul F. Crow;
Treasurer, Leo G Whaley. In addition there are the following
Directors: Tracy Newton, John Herron, Earl Hamilton, M. D.
Fullerton, Paul Kabo, H. T. Fleming, John Sell, and Glenn

  • Published on Mar 1, 1959
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