Farm Collector


By R. G. Pratt and Esq.

‘Wentlea’ Capel St. Mary, Ipswich, Suffolk, England

We are glad to get a report with pictures of a Rally held in
England. The enthusiasm seems to run high in the Mother Country. We
have other pictures but space permits no more this issue. You will
see them from time to time

I am now able to send you some photographs of the rally held at
Horsmonden Kent, through the kindness of Mr. C. W. Lambert.

Statistics: 8 engines in steam and a 1901 steam car, 16 other
engines were on view including threshing engines, ploughing
engines, road haulage engines, steam rollers, portables and a.
steam wagon.

Over 50 people came along to enjoy the fun and it, wasn’t
advertised because for one thing1 it was the outcome of one
man’s private effort, Mr. Lambert. Horsmonden is only a. small
place without facilities for big crowds. As it was there was some
crowd at the local hotel where a spread had been laid out, again
through the kindness of Mr. Lambert. The inevitable cups of tea
produced the inevitable buzz of conversation and it all ended with
the showing of some very appropriate movies in one of Mr.
Lambert’s Oast Houses, all cleaned out for the occasion because
these Oast Houses are used in the ordinary way for the drying of
the hops, having no windows, they make really fine picture houses
as was demonstrated on this occasion. Mr. Wicks had charge of the
film show and some of these were in colour showing steam ploughing,
steam threshing and wood sawing in progress as well as some
attractive ‘shots’ of steam engines on the fairground. A
few of these remain and you don’t know what you miss on your
side of the water in not being able to see these fine engines with
the brasswork all agleam and the paintwork spotless purring away in
some corner just behind the side shows.

-The End-

  • Published on Jan 1, 1952
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