Advance Rumely Steam Engine No. 15046

Since 1963, Warren Bellinger's family has charished their Advance Rumely Steam Engine No. 15046.

| March/April 1992

1515 Long fellow Waterloo, Iowa 50703

Advance Rumely #15046 on this issue's cover is the subject of a story. The engine is owned by the Bellinger family of Waterloo, Iowa. They have just completed a total cosmetic restoration.

In the mid 1950s my grandpa, Shelby Bellinger, and my dad, Dean Bellinger, began to travel to the early steam shows. They had a lot of fun together meeting new friends and running engines. But, after a while they wanted more. They decided they must have an engine of their own. So my grandpa bought a 20 horse Minneapolis from Bill Bates of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. Because of this engine they met many new friends.

One day, one of these friends, Bill Brandt, told them about an Advance Rumely nearby. It was owned by the Koob family of Jubilee. Soon plans were made to go and visit the engine. Upon arrival they discovered 20 horse Advance Rumely #15046. They met the owner, an elderly man everyone referred to as 'Grandpa Koob.'

Grandpa Koob informed them that he bought this engine several years earlier from Justin Hintgen of LaMotte, Iowa. Justin used this engine in his sawmill. I have been told, by those who supposedly know, that Justin sawed many thousands of board feet with this engine. Justin himself told my dad that he almost upset this engine one night unloading it from a lowboy. Luckily it slid off one side of the trailer and came to rest on its side up against a wood pile. Luckily no serious damage occurred to the engine.

Grandpa Koob also used the engine in his sawmill. He was very fond of the engine he nicknamed 'Ole Smokie'. He also used this engine to shred corn, fill silo, and pull stumps.