Advance Thresher Company Built and Sold 20 and 22 hp. Simple Engines

Salina, Kansas

NUMEROUS ARTICLES have been published, relative to the building
of 20 and 22 hp. simple engines by Advance Thresher Company. The
articles were contradictory and confusing. The reader remains in
doubt that Advance Thresher Company built either a 20 or 22 hp.

This article is prepared to clear up the uncertainty, leaving no
doubt in the mind of the reader, that Advance Thresher Company
built 20 and 22hp. simple engines and at the same time, make it
clear, what traction engines, other than 20 and 22hp. simples, were
built by Advance Thresher Company. Advance Thresher Company, during
its life built 6-10-12-15-16-22 and 30hp. simples, 15-20-21-26 and
35hp. tandem compounds, and 30 and 40hp. cross compounds. The
rating of the 15 hp. tandem compound was reduced to 14 later and
the 20 tandem to 18 hp. The building of the 15 simple was
discontinued in about 1895 and a 16 hp. simple was substituted for
it. The old 15 hp. simple and all other larger engines, except 20
hp. simples and 21 compounds, were built upon either coal burner or
Lafever type of firebox boilers. Twenty simples and 21 compounds
were built with coal burner boilers, only.

The Kansas City Branch of Advance Thresher Co., was located in
the west bottoms on 12th and Hickory Streets. The sample room floor
was about 4 ft. higher than the pavement. A 22 hp. coal burner
engine stood upon the floor and on June 1, 1903, the high water
mark of the Kaw River flood, was near the center of the cylinder on
that engine.

The sample at Salina, Kansas, in 1903, was a 22 hp. coal burner,
with Jacket and cab. Twelve 22 hp. engines were included in my
sales for Advance Thresher Co. The buyers were Ira Burke, F. F.
Wurst, Louie J. Wurst, Francis Blender, Floyd Blevins, Joseph Witt,
John Rouback et al, John C. Coltrin, Abe Sierer, Geo. Redman, A. J.
Dreisbach, and Geo. Desmarteau. The number of engines is more than
sufficient to indicate Advance Thresher Co., was building and
selling 22 hp. simple engine at that time.

My statements concerning the Kansas City Branch House and
engines are very nearly correct but if correct, are mere assertions
and prove nothing. Records of Advance Thresher Co., were destroyed
and Advance Machinery catalogues, Price Lists of Repairs for
Advance Threshing Machinery and Court House Records are the only
sources, from which to obtain reliable information. Authentic
information is being submitted as evidence Advance Thresher Co.,
built 20 and 2 2hp. engines at sometime during its life.

N was the Key Letter to the numbers of the parts for an Advance
22 hp. simple engine. The descriptions have been double checked and
should be correct.

From pages 128-129, 1907-1908 Price List of Repairs, for Advance
Threshing Machinery.

’10N Engine Frame, 22 horse only, Engine No. 2128 to

11N Crank Box Cap, 22 horse only, Engine No. 2128 to 10096.

20N Drive Wheel, 20 inch face with horizontal lugs, prior to
Engine No. 6295.

21N Bull Gear, 22 horse Engine No. 2128 to 8508: also on 26
horse Engine No. 3584 to 8499, except Engine 8437.

22N Plain Bull Pinion on 22 horse engine No. 2128 to 8508: olsa
on 26 horse Engine 3584 to 8499, except Engine No. 8437.

23N Clutch Bull Pinion, on 22 horse Engine No. 2128: also on 26
horse Engine 3584 to 8499, except Engine 8437.

34N Spring Base on Straw Burner Engine No. 2128 to 8438: also on
Coal Burner Engines 6925 to 7918.

36N Ball Bracket, Straw Burner Engine No. 2128 to 9451: also
Coal Burner Engine No. 6925 to 9541.

172N Band Wheel, on Engine No. 2128 to 8499, except Engine No.
8437, on 22 horse only, since.’

Numbers 10N, 11N, 22N, 23N, 34N, and 172N were parts to Advance
22 hp. simple engine No. 2128. Engine No. 2128 is the earliest 22
hp. listed in a 1907-1908 Price List of Repairs for Advance
Threshing Machinery and designated a Straw Burner. Helmer Kruger
bought Advance 12 hp. engine No. 2091, signed the settlement Sept.
11, 1892, and his mortgage to Advance Thresher Co., was recorded
Sept. 21, 1892, in Osceola Co., Iowa. Engine No. 2091 was 37
engines earlier than 2128. Helmer Kruger bought engine No. 2091
late in 1892, and engine No. 2128 was built late in 1892 or early
in 1893.

Catalogues of Advance Thresher Co. for 1807, 1898 and 1899 list
a 20 hp. Straw Burner but no Coal Burner. The cylinder was 9×11 and
the band wheel 44 inches. Catalogues for 1900, 1901, 1902 and 1903
list a 22 but no 20 hp. engine. Specifications of the engines are
the same.

Advance Threshing Machinery was popular in the northwest. Much
of the popularity was due to the popularity of the straight flue
straw burner engine,-the first successful one built. That was a
straw burner territory. Engine sales increased in the northwestern
Branches, because of the popularity of the engine. Those Branches
were high in sales and the Home Office smiled kindly upon them.
They received favors not granted others. Engine No. 2128, whether a
20 or a 22 hp., was built in 1892 or 1893 to satisfy the demand of
the northwest for a more powerful Straw Burner engine. The 22 hp.
Coal Burner was not built until 1902 or 1903.


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