Ag Hall of Fame Opens for '99 Season

| May/June 1999

The National Agricultural Center and Hall of Fame opened for the 1999 season on Monday, March 15. The opening coincided with National Agricultural Week, March 15-19.

The Center offers a variety of special events and educational programs that are designed to educate the public about the history and importance of agriculture. Some relate to America's rural agricultural heritage and others tell the story of America's abundance of wholesome inexpensive foods.

The National Agricultural Center and Hall of Fame was chartered by Congress to honor the American farmer. It is a unique 172 acre complex, 18 miles west of Kansas City, that incorporates:

The Center's main building, housing farming and rural life exhibits, a 200 seat auditorium, a gallery of rural art, and a gift shop.

The Agricultural Hall of Fame, honoring American agriculture's most prominent historical figures, among them George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Deere, and Cyrus McCormick.

The Museum of Farming, displaying classic tractors, threshers, and other implements that have made real differences in farming.