Wall Lake, Iowa 51466.

Hello, you all at I.M.A! Here we are, well into 1987, and I
haven’t seen a report on the ’86 Thresherman &
Collector’s Show held at Albert City, Iowa. This was our 16th
annual event. It started out as a steam threshing demonstration
with a couple of engines and a lot of enthusiasm. A small gathering
of neighbors and friends came to watch and help. It sure became a
very popular annual event. At the ’86 show we hosted almost
11,000 wonderful people from near and far.

It isn’t just a steam show any more, although they seem to
be the main attraction when used on the sawmill, plowing, threshing
or whatever. Along with them we have well over a hundred tractors
of all sizes and brands. The Thieman tractor was born at Albert
City and it really got around the farm belt in its heyday.

We have something of interest for everyone. The hobby, craft
building is full of spectators all three days as is the broom
factory. The blacksmith shop, the harness shop, the cider mill and
flour mill, the antique and classic car collection. The country
school brings back many fond memories as did the railroad

We had a tornado hit the grounds a few weeks before the show. It
took the depot and unroofed some of the other buildings and did a
lot of damage to our nice shade trees. But, we hitched up our
britches and by show time were back in the saddle again!

Up to the last 4 years we had a two day show (Friday and
Saturday). Then by a unanimous agreement we added Sunday with a
worship service followed by a pancake breakfast. After that
everyone was off to their favorite attraction.

This is a general rundown on the happenings of ’86. I know I
have missed some of the sights and sounds. But what most anyone
can’t miss at a show like this is the good fellowship and the
willingness to help one another in their efforts to have fun. And,
oh yes, I almost forgot to mention, our horse powered well drill,
our large antique machinery display, the evening stage
entertainment, the farm animal show for the children, the many gas
engines and equipment running. Come and help us enjoy it when you

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