Amusing Incidents Of My Threshing Days

| September/October 1961

Route 3, Muncy, Pennsylvania

Before the week was over they were picked up by the authorities as a pair of 'wanted' run-aways and returned to their homes many miles away.

One other occasion a young man who had unusually large feet came on the job with his large feet encased in brand new shoes - and immediately his shoes became a target for all tobacco chewers on the job. He was given the job of 'carrying away' and that made him an easy mark, but he had the last laugh. He was just too quick for any of them!

He'd see a charge coming from any direction and with a quick jerk, the 'splat' would arrive and shoes just wasn't there! All day long they tried hard to get him, but nary a speck did his shoes get all day.

One day I was going to thresh for a man who was well up in years, and stoop-shouldered and very quiet spoken. I had moved in the night before, and as we all arrived the next morning he was busy sweeping his barn floor. We all noticed he had on a new pair of dark trousers and a new denim coat.

As every man came in the barn and saw the new garb the first question was, 'Where was the fire?' Finally he looked up from his sweeping and said, 'Gee Whiz, can't a man put on a new pair of pants but what they think there's been a fire sale?' All forenoon he was chided every time he'd go to do anything - they'd say, 'Now watch them pants!'